Heavy Update Time

We've been busy with a lot of fun things and we want to share the stories with you. Pims, prints, and preposterous adventures!

PB&J Wedding Package

A complete wedding package was made for a couple lovingly named PB&J

Vision in the Raw

Vision in the Raw is a photo book highlighting 623 photographs taken in an attempt to look at everyday things in a new and interesting light. Anything can be interesting if you look at it the right way. The final book is divided into six chapters: 100 Things, Rust, Circles, Night Lights, Decay, 2135.

Open Studios - Exhibition Poster

A poster created to promote an open studio event for UIC's B.F.A. thesis class of 2011.

Tiger's Body Shop

Tiger's Body Shop, a renowned auto body repair shop in Chicago, celebrated 60 years of success. They wanted to thank the community for supporting them. We designed them a message.

En Masse - Exhibition Identity

A provocative print campaign for UIC's B.F.A. thesis exhibition, 2011.

IPad and Lens Sleeve

A light sleeve made of felt, silk, and elastic to conceal and protect the IPad.


The Krolik is a metal rabbit which was designed to organize pens on a desk. Each pen gets its own Krolik, which creates a special bond with the parent.

Through New Eyes

Through New Eyes was an exploration of design and artistic visual language. For this three chapter book, an artist, designer, and architect was chosen and researched. Two design and art principles were defined and employed throughout the chapter of the respective individual.


Kampims, or pims for short, are a bunch of expressive ragdoll characters.